Top Tips For Getting The Most From Your IPhone

Although many people love their iphones, they aren’t sure if it is the right phone for them. But if they read this article, then they would know for certain. Take a look at the articles and discover what has fascinated people for so long about the iphone.

Use your headphone cord to take great photos! You can use the volume buttons to take photos now. To keep your shots steady, you can hold your cord in your otherhand. You can also use this method if your phone is on a stand.


Do not download any applications that aren’t intended for the iphone. You risk your phone’s stability as well as usability. Some applications could contain viruses. To ensure your iphone’s maximum efficiency, only use approved applications


Press the setting button to disable your 3G GRPS or edge connection. Next, tap network and cellular data network. You will need to enter a few words in the box asking for your APN username. Next, restart your phone.


Does your iPhone’s battery drain too quickly? You can turn off the “Setting Time Zone” feature. This can be done by going to settings, followed by location services and finally system services. You can switch the setting from off to on and your battery life should increase.


To forward the link to the page you are currently on to your email, use the forward arrow at the bottom of your iPhone’s screen. This is useful if your iPhone doesn’t have enough storage space for all the important articles.


Do you ever wish to quickly navigate to top of a page without scrolling? Instead of scrolling back up, click the status bar at the top of your screen. This will bring you back to the top page of any page in most iPhone apps, including Safari, mail and your contacts.


Tipping your iPhone horizontally is a good way to type on it You should display the keyboard horizontally so that it becomes larger. Use the Safari app to browse the internet. It is the only one that rotates when your phone moves. This will help you avoid typos, and allow you to type faster.


To make the most of your smartphone, download the Safari app. Safari offers many additional features, including the ability to call a contact from your phone without having to go back to the phone. If you are looking for a theater and want to call it online, click on the number.


You can delete all your iPhone emails by following a simple procedure. Click on the edit button in your inbox. Next, click on the edit button.


If you own an iPhone, a good tip is to personalize it. You can choose from many skins to make your iphone stand out from the rest. You could choose a design you love or your favorite band.


Lower the brightness of your screen to save battery life. A bright screen is only necessary in dimly lit areas. If you are not using your phone for a long time, lower the brightness. This is a great way of preserving battery life and avoiding having to charge your phone as often.


Your contacts may be charged for text messages that exceed 160 characters if they don’t use an iPhone. Go to your phone’s settings and then click on the Messages screen. Next, enable character count. You will see the character count as you type a message. This allows friends to communicate with each other without paying additional fees.


You’re a professional iPhone photographer and you know that you can use the volume up button to take photos. Did you know that any volume up button, even the one on your headset cord, can be used to operate your camera? You can increase your photographic versatility by using the cord volume controls for distant shots.


There are many shortcuts for taking photos with your iPhone. This allows you to quickly snap a photo by pressing a button. After you’ve placed your iPhone on your subject position, press the volume-up key on the side. You can instantly snap a photo by pressing the volume-up button on the side of your phone.


You can take photos with your iPhone one-handed. To take a picture, hold your iPhone steady in one hand. It will take the same quality as if you took the picture the normal way.


You will need to switch between the punctuation keys or alphabet keys. This is something you want to be able to do quickly. You can press the?123 key but don’t release your finger until the actual punctuation layout appears. The ABC layout will appear by simply moving your finger to the comma keys.


You can select the entire text body when you’re typing text messages on your iPhone by holding down the sentence for three seconds, then clicking select all. This will allow you to delete or copy all of the text you have selected.


The iphone is a must-have product. It is because of its ability to empower you as an individual. It is more than a phone that can call. It is your all-in-one phone. You can do just about anything with it. This phone is unlike any other.

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