Thinking About Getting An IPhone? Here Are Some Reasons To Avoid It!

Many people are beginning to realize that the iphone is more than just a phone you can use to send and receive texts. Iphones are essential in solving everyday problems. You can access the internet and apps such as maps.

Keep your phone up-to-date. These updates can improve your phone’s capabilities, fix bugs, and protect you from security threats. You can also save important files and photos to your computer with updates.


Do you frequent certain websites on your phone? Have you ever wished you could have a small icon on your home screen for these websites? Open the webpage in Safari, and then click the Go To icon at top of screen. Then, you can choose to add it as a widget to your home screen.


It’s a smart idea to take full advantage of your iPhones multimedia capabilities. So that your iPhone can act as an entertainment device, you can download TV shows, movies, and other video clips.


iCloud can increase the storage space of your iPhone. It takes just a few minutes to setup and can increase your storage space by up to four times. This is particularly useful if your phone has a large number of photos or a large music collection.


Are you fed up with your iPhone’s screen flipping? You can stop the screen moving by locking its orientation. This can be done by moving the iPhone app bar one time to the right. On the left-hand hand side, you will find a lock button to adjust your screen orientation. Just click that button, and your screen will lock in the current format.


You can capture those once-in-a-lifetime photos with your iPhone by simply holding it in your hand. Tap the home button twice, even if your phone is locked. There will be a few icons. One of these will be your camera icon. You can instantly save your photo to your phone by taking it.


Many have complained about volume issues with their iphone ringers. This is because they use the same ringtones as their phones. These are adequate, but if you desire a more powerful ringtone or a higher volume, you can purchase ringtones in a shop.


Although the iPhone can recognize a wide range of fingertip gestures and may even be able to detect them, it is not always able to perform more complex maneuvers such as pinching or swiping. To make your iPhone a one-finger machine, you can turn on Assistive Touch. You will see an interface icon in the lower corner of your screen. You can tap it to open a menu that allows you to perform complex gestures using one finger.


You can add shortcuts to words or terms that you use a lot. This can be done in the Settings section on your phone. You can use “SYL” for “see you soon”. The phone will respond if you type those letters.


To dry your iPhone, use rice. You can dry your iPhone if it is ever wet. Your iPhone may be returned to its original state by the rice, which will absorb any moisture and return it to its original form overnight.


You probably know how to set reminders for a time on your iPhone. You could say, “Remind Me to Call the Dentist at 10 AM.” But you might not realize that there are also location-based options. You could, for example, say “Remind me that I should stop at the grocery store after I leave the office.” An iPhone can be used to send many reminders.


Sometimes, you may find that your iphone app has frozen completely on you. You can force the app to quit. To do this, press and hold the home button for about six seconds. You can then force close the app and resume your business.


Use location-based reminders. The new iPhone 4s has the ability to remind you of things you have asked when you reach certain locations. Siri can remind you of something you don’t need or want until you get home at the end of the night.


If you wish to make it easier to access any website you frequent, you can create an application from it. Simply open the page using the Safari browser and click the Go To button to select the option “Add To Home Screen”.


Do you want to browse Safari privately on your iPhone? Simply go to the Safari section of your settings and click on private browsing. The feature changes the background color of your iOS Safari from brushed metal black to black.


Rice can be used to dry your iPhone. Rice is a great option if your iPhone has become waterlogged. Rice will absorb the water, drawing it out and allowing it to drain.


You can see that iphones have many additional services. You will be amazed at how quickly your life can change by purchasing your first iphone. After you get your first iphone, you’ll be amazed at how miserable life can feel.

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