Don’t Understand Your Iphone? These Tips Can Help!

The Apple iPhone is the most iconic smartphone. You’re likely to have considered buying one as your next smartphone at some point, if you’re like most people. For some great tips about Apple iPhones, read the following paragraphs.

Use your iPhone as a storage device to get the most from it. With the help of available software, you can store many files on your iPhone. You can also store documents, pictures and other files. This is a great option because you can access them wherever you are.


Avoid turning on your iPhone if it has been wet. To dry your iphone, use a towel and wrap it in a bag of white rice. It should be left to dry overnight. It may be dry by the morning. If so, you can turn it on again.


If you own an iphone, there are many great educational apps available for children. You can also find great games for your kids, some of which are educational. Check out the apps available for your child’s age and grade level if he needs additional help in math, science, or reading.


Do not install too many apps to your phone. It can be tempting to add more apps to your phone, but most users end up deleting all of them. This can lead to a costly addiction that may slow down your device.


Register for the free Find My iPhone Service if you are worried about losing your iPhone. You can use your phone’s GPS location to find where it is. If the phone is stolen, you can make it ring or lock it and wipe its data.


You can personalize your iPhone by changing the wallpaper on the front and main screens. You can choose from pre-made wallpapers, or you can choose from images from your camera roll.


Here is a tip that will help you write a faster message. To get rid of a dictionary entry that you don’t like, simply tap anywhere on the screen. You don’t have to hit the “x”, provided by the word.


Do you ever wish you could create a playlist even if you aren’t at your computer? Now you can open the music app, click on the “Add Playlist” button. Then you can give the playlist a name. You can then click on individual tracks, albums, and artists to add them your playlist.


You can clean your iPhone screen by organizing apps into folders. Try placing the folder in your bottom app bar. The folder will stay with you regardless of what page you’re on. As you clean up your apps, you don’t have to drag the folder from one page to another.


The iPhone is a great tool for those who use social-networking sites frequently. It’s easy to comment, download pictures and connect with friends. An iPhone is an ideal way for college students to connect to the internet while away from home.


The iPhone is perfect for advanced message-senders who require extended text options, such as letters with accent marks. Tap and hold any letter on the screen keyboard to display a list of accented options. Make sure to touch the accented letter that you are interested in by dragging your finger. The menu will disappear if you lift your fingertip.


You don’t want to miss the best photos because you push too many iPhone buttons to access the camera. Get used to using the iPhone’s lock screen to access the camera. Your photo app will open immediately when you place your finger on the camera icon. There are no more five buttons to push and no wasted seconds.


You can use your iPhone to create wi-fi on your laptop. This converts your 3G signal to wi-fi so that all your digital devices can access the Internet. This ability is available from some carriers, so make sure you check before you pay.


Your iphone may not get damaged if it gets wet. Use a towel to dry your device. It should not be turned on or dried using heat or wind. Instead, put it in a baggie containing some white rice and let it sit for several hours. Your iphone will retain any moisture, so the rice will absorb it.


Your iPhone makes it easy to take pictures. You can frame the image however you like and then use the volume up button to the right of the device. This feature does not affect the quality of your photographs.


Many professionals who bill multiple clients on an hourly or fractional hourly basis often have difficulty keeping track of work done while on the move. The iPhone can be used to solve the problem of keeping accurate records of work performed for revenue generation by taking advantage of the available time-keeping and billing apps.


You can save images from the internet by tapping on them and then saving them. This allows you to save images instantly while browsing the internet.


An Apple iPhone is a great choice if you feel it is time to upgrade your phone. For tips on getting the most out of this amazing piece of technology, read this article.

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