iPhone  Battery  Services                              

iPhone Battery Replacement


  • $30        iPhone 7 New Battery
  • $30        iPhone 7 Plus New Battery Installed
  • $25        iPhone 5 /5S /5C /SE New Battery Installed
  • $30        iPhone 6 /6S  New Battery Installed
  • $30        iPhone 6+ /6S+ New Battery Installed

Instructions for Mailing in:


  1. Remit payment for services through our Payments link (req'd only if shipping your phone)
  2. Ship it to our address at the following address:

    C/O Steves iPhone Repairs
    1818 Old Cuthbert Rd, Suite 214
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
  3. Include any unlock codes or special instructions.
  4. Superfast turnaround times on all Repairs and Priority Mail Return Shipping.

Any Questions Please Call  (856)803-6124  or   contact us!